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2018 Women to Watch Program

The annual InvestmentNews Women to Watch list honors female financial advisers and industry executives who exemplify the definition of true leaders and role models. They must be distinguished leaders at their firms and have advanced the business of providing advice through their leadership, passion, creativity and willingness to help other women along the way.


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Women to Watch Eligibility

We accept nominations of professionals from all sides of the financial advisory industry, including registered investment advisers, registered representatives, financial planners, brokers, insurance agents, certified public accountants, bank trust officers, firm executives and those working for industry organizations.

InvestmentNews will determine nominees’ eligibility for the Women to Watch list based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated success and leadership in the financial advisory industry

  • Proven ability or power to effect change in the industry

  • An exhibited willingness to share her expertise with others in the field, including by serving as a mentor or role model to other female professionals in the industry and speaking at industry events

  • Has given back to her community through such activities as sitting on boards, volunteering and donating time to help investors



If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Liz Skinner, special projects editor at InvestmentNews, at lskinner@investmentnews.com or 301-641-6788.
For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Josh Brous​, Director of Events and Integrated Solutions, at jbrous@investmentnews.com or 212-210-0421.


Key Dates and Deadlines:

  • June 1, 2018: Call for nominations

  • Aug. 6, 2018: Final deadline for nominations

  • Nov. 19, 2018: Women to Watch are profiled in InvestmentNews’ print publication and on the publication’s website

  • March 14, 2019: Women to Watch awards luncheon in New York City


Frequently Asked Questions

What is InvestmentNews’ Women to Watch?
A list of women who have achieved notable success in the financial advisory industry.
How can I nominate someone for Women to Watch?
By filling out our online survey. Nominations must be submitted using the web form.
Can I nominate people who aren’t financial advisers?
Yes, as long as the majority of their work is in and for the financial advisory industry.
How many people can I nominate?
There is no limit.
When does the nomination process end?
Aug. 6, 2018
When will the winners be notified?
Sept. 15, 2018
Where and when will the Women to Watch list be published?
In the Nov. 19 issue of InvestmentNews, as well in online components posted around that date.
How will the nominees be judged? Who chooses the final list?
The nominees will be judged by specific criteria — success, leadership, ability to effect change, willingness to help other female professionals and community service. InvestmentNews staff will aim to assemble a diverse group that represents a broad spectrum of the financial advice business.
Do I have to include the nominee’s age and assets under management?
Yes. If a nominee is picked, the profile we write will mention her age and assets under management. If your nominee is not an adviser, please choose “not applicable” from the dropdown menu for assets under management.
Can I just call or send an email with the name of the person I would like to nominate?
No. Only those nominated through the web form will make it into the selection database.


When and where will the awards luncheon take place?
The awards luncheon will be held on March 14, 2019 in New York City.
I want to nominate someone, but can I remain anonymous?
No. We need to know who you are, but will not share nominator information with any third party or include it anywhere in this feature.
Who should complete the third-party letter of recommendation to support the nomination?
The letter (a second one is optional) should come from a supervisor, colleague or client who knows the nominee well.
Are there rules about whom I can nominate?
You can nominate yourself, a client, a family member, your boss, an employee or an acquaintance. The most important thing is that you state a clear case for the nomination based on the criteria we are seeking.
Will more than one nominee from the same company be accepted?
You can nominate multiple people from one company, but because of the publication’s goal of finding a diverse group, only one nominee per company will likely be chosen. However, multiple candidates from separate divisions of large conglomerates could be chosen.
What is required of those who are selected?
Candidates who are selected must make themselves available for a phone interview with a reporter. They also will need to provide a high-resolution photo. They may be asked to sit for a photo shoot or a video interview. They may be invited to the InvestmentNews headquarters in New York, but need not attend to be considered.
What is the Alexandra Armstrong Award?
This annual award is inspired by Alexandra Armstrong, chairman and founder of Armstrong, Fleming & Moore Inc., and celebrates pioneers in the field of financial planning. 
Can I nominate someone for the Alexandra Armstrong Award?
Yes. To suggest candidates for this award, please contact Liz Skinner, special projects editor at InvestmentNews, at lskinner@investmentnews.com or 301-641-6788.

What is the Rising Star Award?

The Rising Star Award is an annual award intended to recognize an emerging leader in the financial advice industry who, while still in the early stages of her career, shows ongoing and exceptional growth in contributions to the profession. The winner of this award has already demonstrated leadership qualities, is expected to be a future leader and is committed to being involved in a diverse and inclusive work environment. She also demonstrates a passion for her work, her firm and the industry at large.
Can I nominate someone for the Women to Watch Rising Star Award?
Yes. To suggest candidates for this award, please contact Liz Skinner, special projects editor at InvestmentNews, at lskinner@investmentnews.com or 301-641-6788.
Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the judging process?
No. We don’t give status reports on nominations. If we need any further information, we will contact you. We ask that you please be patient.
I want to be picked for Women to Watch. Will it help to hire a public relations firm?
No. A PR firm would not influence the judging.